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This is a site dedicated to artwork celebrating the profession of firefighting! As an artist, I have been drawing portraits for over 20 years (www.jodimonroe.com), but over the past 8 years have truly found a passion for rendering works celebrating the profession of firefighting. My goal and passion for each work of art is to make it so incredibly life-like that you can feel the energy of the subject. You may also see my work on NBC's TV show "Chicago Fire." Please look for my prints "Waiting for the Call," "Axe," and "Attack" in the living and sleeping quarters set near the locker room.

I am married to a career firefighter and together we have a son and a daughter. Because of my husband, my mother, who repairs turn-out gear for firefighters all across the country (www.fixturnout.com) and an Uncle, who was fire chief for many years in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, I have been associated with the profession of firefighting most of my life.

Please view the artwork and feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have. Thank you so much and I look forward to talking to you soon!  

                                                                          Jodi Monroe

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P.S. On a personal note, God has blessed my life so much with an amazing husband, son and daughter. I believe that it is so important for us to give back. Therefore, I will be giving 10% of proceeds from each print sold to local charitable organizations. Thank you so for supporting this endeavor!

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